Added value is born from the encounter between assessment and thought.


Sylla meets the social and market demands for knowledge with an integrated offer which combines skills and visions from the world of statistics, communication and marketing.

Marketing intelligence
& action research

Research and intelligence services
to orientate strategies and decisions.

Market and social

Surveys and information collection to
explore and observe social phenomena.

& Big data

Exploration, measurement and
observation of phenomena, trends and scenarios.

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Sylla is the contraction of syllabus, a term which indicates :
programme, compendium, summary, catalogue or programme of a course.
It recalls the concepts of collection and organization of information of an educational nature.

Sylla, in English and in spoken language, also defines the best
performing player, the one with an extra “quid”.

For us at Sylla doing research means combining a creative flair with
a rigorous scientific soul , an added value which is born from
the encounter between method and meditation, assessment and thought.


A B C Goods and services

B A C Training

B A C Mobility

B C A Labour market

C A B Industry

A C B Tourism

A B B Health care

B B A Third Sector

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The Sylla équipe is made up solely of highly qualified resources,
reliable people with long-standing experience in this sector.

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