Marketing intelligence & action research

Research and intelligence services to orient strategies and decisions

Sylla provides concrete support to the Research & Development, Marketing, Sales and Communication areas, by supporting its interlocutor in all those actions related to the analysis and development of products, projects, relationships and initiatives, in direct contact with the environment where the client organization operates. Our philosophy of RESEARCH / ACTION is that of building useful and concrete knowledge, which orients strategies and decisions. We plan interventions and research projects which place the client, consumer, brand and communication at the centre of attention . This way we are able to make suggestions and answers regarding: competitiveness, brand loyalty, positioning, customer experience and customer satisfaction.

We specialise in:

  • Sector studies and scenario analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer loyalty measurement
  • Brand positioning: Research on product positioning, brand and services
  • Research on communication (pre ad post-campaign tests, tracking)
  • Product tests: Product research (concept, name, packaging and price testing)

Market and social analysis

Exploration, measurement and observation of phenomena, trends and scenarios

Sylla carries out survey and information collection projects for the exploration and observation of social phenomena, investigating attitudes, life styles and typical behaviors of consumers, citizens or groups of individuals.

The results of our opinion surveys and of surveys are also used by other research institutes, Local Public Authorities and Institutions, Universities and professional studios , with the aim to develop important initiatives in the public and private field.

The fields of analysis comprise:

  • research on consumers
  • sociological research
  • social research
  • political marketing surveys
  • climate surveys
  • Citizien satisfaction e Job satisfaction
  • industrial research and business to business

Analytics & Big Data

Sylla has a Unit, guided by a scientific officer expert in statistics and applied research,
dedicated to experimentation, to offer innovative solutions in the field of Analytics and Big Data.
We promote research services which combine classic methods with new models of interpretation
and new forms of analysis of digital data, which combine qualitative approaches to quantitative tools
to single out the underlying motivations in behaviors, quantify and populate clusters and
build predictive analysis.

The activities developed by the Unit include:

  • analytics Surveys
  • Social media Analysis & digital CRMs
  • Analytics for CRMs & CZRM
  • Behaviour analysis (predictive, forecasting, monitoring)
  • systems for econometric predictions
  • hazard prediction
  • Data-modeling for public administration
  • Simulation modeling
  • Digital Analytics
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Statistical optimization models
  • impact and causal inference assessment, packaging and price testing

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