Who we are


Sylla is an institute which deals with research, to improve the understanding of phenomena and stimulate new ideas. It specialises in the designing and carrying out of quantitative, qualitative, integrated and multimedia research. It meets the social and market demands for knowledge with an integrated offer which combines skills and visions from the world of economic, social and marketing research, communication and the language of semiometrics, to support  decision making and brand reputation activity of local authorities, institutions, simple and complex private and public organizations. It has an in-house operational engine and is also configured as a hub, to fertilise an osmosis of competences and at the same time nurture the solidness of the in-house operational know-how.
Its mission is to manufacture knowledge.


A B C Goods and Services
B A C Training
B A C Mobility
B C A Labour Market

C A B Industry
A C B Tourism
A B B Health Care
B B A Third Sector