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The Sylla Equipe is made up of highly qualified resources , reliable people with long -standing experience in this sector.
The research Team is made up of professional researchers, interviewers, data analysts and data scientists, sustained and coordinated by supervisors and project managers.
Each work order is assigned to a Project manager who handles and coordinates the resources; the scientific director is committed to supervising research processes and methodologies.
Senior resources and Advisors deal with the designing of research interventions, interacting with the management staff and clients.

Research Team:

  • Researchers
  • Data analyst
  • Interviewers
  • Scientific directors

Managerial Staff:

  • Supervisor
  • Advisor
  • Project manager


  • Telematic workposts equipped with the CATI system in the operational headquarters in Bologna
  • CAWI platform for the carrying out of online surveys
  • Interviewer network for the administering of face  to face questionnaires

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